Mabat Gallery Tel-Aviv
Dina Enoch expresses here painting maturity. Her canvases are planned and balanced in spite of a variety of elements. She bases her style mainly on evident material contrasts (jute canvas, color layers variously concentrated) and by combining various painting media…..


Guy Gallery Tel Aviv
The concept “sensitivity” was considered for many years in the field of plastic art as ludicrous. Dina Enoch’s paintings are sensitive in the positive meaning of the concept.
The genres (day to day scenes) she paints are drawn qualitatively and in rich, yet not over expressed colorfulness.  Mostly the proportion is kept.  Her works reflect an intimate and personal world….


Guy Gallery Tel Aviv
…Human groups sketched in a confident and skilled hand combined with furniture items in complex and detailed compositions. Sometimes reminding latent “jugendstiel”. These works reflect considerable painterly achievements…. Delicate pastel coloring and spirit…  Visual elements are geometrically implanted in the general frame, supplying the eye with points of reference…. This reflects rational order within the emotional expressiveness….Anyway, it seems that beyond all these the main value of the works is reflected throughout regular worm human situations, expressed without excessively complicated ideas…


Guy Gallery Tel Aviv
….Dina Enoch has gained wide popularity here in Israel with her subtle use of color and imaginative technique. Her paintings are remarkable for their delicacy and fine lines. She depicts characters in live situations blending humor, realism and expressionism


Gallery 13 ½ Jaffa
Tel-Aviv, 75 years old.
Dina Enoch’s Tel Aviv is a city of people. The question remaining is that of the background. Outlined and emphasized by objects typical to a big city, not photographing a situation; but materials from which she builds a new reality….
Always with a small notebook, sketching. The main work is done at her studio.  
20 paintings will be exhibited. Integration between classic architectonical elements and people, busy walking, buying, selling, mostly young.  Maybe the city is getting old, but what is attracting her is the integration between old buildings and young generation.  


Guy Gallery Tel Aviv
Eine “one woman show” der israelischen Malerin Dina Enoch; eine aus dem Rahmen fallende Ausstellung figurativ-abstrakter Werke, gekonnte Werke einer Kuenstlerin, die mit sicherer Hand  menschengruppen im Zentrum ihrer Bilder und Interieurs zeigt. Verspielt, an der Grenze des Jugendstils, stroemen ihre Arbeiten Emotionen aus – doch diese Gefuehle sind naturlicher Art des tagtaeglichen Lebens, das heisst, sie sind ohne Ubertreibung, und damit sprechen sie den Beschauer in sich selbst an. Ihre Farben, ob Oel, Aquarell oder Akrylit, haben keine starken Toene, auch keine Uebergaenge – Farbe steht neben Farbe, und man spuert ihre Freude an diesen in dem Farbenreichtum ihrer Bilder. Darauf angesprochen sagt uns Dina, dass der Maler und Lehrer Raffi Lavi ihr den Anstoss ihrer Konzeption der Farben gab. Das Ergebnis sehen wir in der Ausstellung, die bereits eine Individualitaet, um nicht zu sagen “Hand-schrift” zeigt.


Galerie Shirley – Gene’ve - 1987
Israelienne, Dina Enoch elle a ete formee a L’Ecole des beaux-arts de Tel-Aviv. Ses oeuvres, elle les cree en melangeant la gravure, l’aquarelle et la peinture acrylique. Leurs themes tournent autour de la vie quotidienne, decrite avec humour et realisme.


Todd Grier Galleries
Todd Grier Galleries is the first gallery in the US to represent Dina Enoch. The small editions of individually hand-colored etchings are remarkable for their delicacy and subtle use of color. Enoch depicts characters in live situations, blending humor, realism and expressionism….


Sara Kishon Gallery
Dina Enoch represents her impressions of Tel-Aviv’s corners. Her acrylic works, make the most of its characteristics. Sometimes diluted to achieve qualities of watercolor, and sometimes laid with thick strokes to establish various textures. Other materials are used, like plywood or lace creating human image. Her colors are chosen carefully, and carry a personal massage. The painter is exceptionally good in drawing. People in various positions, buildings and streets, with the right perspective, and proportions.