- Born in Haifa, Israel
- Graduate of the Academy Of Painting in Tel - Aviv
- Attended advanced courses in printing and etching techniques
- Post graduate studies under the painters Rafi Lavi, Ran Schori and Yair Garbuz
- Member of the Israeli Painters & Sculptors Association



Urban way of life, focusing on current day to day scenes, is one field of interest to me. Interface points between modern life and nature, are another field of focus. All these, combined with interaction between people.

Contemporary optimistic life concept accompanies me and influences my work.  Laughter and humor, associated with sensitivity to those surrounding me, are basic elements in my way of life.

When traveling, my real as well as virtual camera accompanies me, offering new ideas. Consequently, it all is combined in my work, inspired by my personal genre.

My ideas and typical atmosphere are expressed through various materials and techniques such as: aquarelle, acrylic, etching, collagraph,
silk print. Those are implemented, combining contradictory and complementary elements.

This is me.